Exotic Beaches At Nigeria!!!

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Although Nigeria has many historical, cultural as well as Natural attractions but beaches are its best and foremost attraction. They have become major tourist's spots because of the pleasantness they offer. They offer much to treat their travelers including; blue water, canoe rides, sandy beaches with such relaxation facilities as chairs and tables. Flights to Nigeria are very popular among visitors for summer season. It boasts some of the Africa's best beaches. Historic monuments, sight cultural activities, clubbing, great food and palm-wine, seeing tours, outdoor activities, and exotic beaches are just a hint of what Nigeria has to offer you. They attract millions of visitors each year and this strength increases greatly during summer season. Some of the best beaches of the country are;


Coconuts Beach: Among many reasons why foreigners get into Nigeria taking cheap Nigeria flights, one well known is its beaches and the most magnificent of them is Coconuts Beach. This is the best spot for those who want to spend some good time with their loved ones away from the noise of the busy city life. This is a calm and quite place that is mostly liked by those who have taken a tiring tour of the city and want to relax their nerves for some time. It has also some small resorts that are constructed to fulfill the accommodation needs of the guests to the area. It's not popular only among natives but is also well known among those getting into country taking flights to Nigeria from different worldwide destinations. Its resorts include a five star resort that has 44 rooms on 3 floors.


Akodo Beach: It is one of the most visited spots in Lagos. It is an ultra modern beach that is build by private sector. Its resorts are out class that has large as well as many rooms. All the rooms are clean and comfortable and are well equipped with all the facilities catering to the needs of travelers including; fridge, hair dryers, telephone and air conditioner, internet connection, and fax machines. Business travelers getting into the region by taking flights to Nigeria feel very comfortable here as it has every thing to facilitate them.

Akodo Beach: This beach is located near Lagos and is most popular among business travelers. The reason behind its popularity among business travelers is its trendy coastline and its resorts that have world class conference rooms. Visitors take their Lagos flights from UK and other destinations and prefer its coastline.

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Exotic Beaches At Nigeria!!!

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This article was published on 2010/10/05