Nigeria - Dealing With Issue of Morality

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I have heard it over and over again that diagnosis is the first essential step in a journey towards recovery. In patients as well as nations, ailments, physical or moral, have chances of cure if they are well understood and their root causes identified. It is very important for us, Nigerians to know the moral state of Nigeria as a big step to curing her, to giving her a moral face-lift.

Let me start by sounding like the loyal citizen that I am. Loyalty is a very important virtue which God desires every one of His children to exhibit. To be "loyal" is to be "unswerving in allegiance; to be devoted to and faithful in allegiance to someone or to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product." As a Christian, I owe my absolute loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ. However, the Lord desires that I exhibit this virtue in other areas of life. He wants me to be a loyal citizen of my country - Nigeria.

Disloyalty to one's nation is the reason certain government officials can divert public funds for their personal use. It's the reason someone can climb a pole and steal streetlights meant to serve all of us, and go sell them. Disloyalty is what makes people vandalize government infrastructure and amenities without remorse. What on earth can make me be a disloyal person?

My desire at all times is to see this nation, Nigeria move forward and make progress. Despite the problems of corruption, violence, fraud and infrastructural decay that we see in our society today, which unfortunately are outgrowths of greed and disloyalty, I still believe that something good is about to take place in Nigeria. Therefore, I challenge you, dear fellow citizens of Nigeria, to be the best you can. In your place of work, dare to be different! Be known as a loyal employee.

It may sound true that Nigeria is an open society where evil people operate openly without a serious restriction, yet when you do the best you can, progress will be achieved. Nigeria may be a nation whose criminal record can easily be said to be as complex as its population, with an average citizen's moral judgment on it, mostly negative and disappointing, yet we are never the worst at it. There may be basic problems, socio-physical in nature such as lack of good roads, traffic hold-up in many areas, poor and inefficient power supply, water supply, inflation, high cost of living, etc, yet there is a promise of light at the end of the tunnel.

The slogan, 'Nigeria: good People Great Nation' truly is a clear description of the nation, Nigeria. Despite all the problems and even more serious ones that threaten the very survival of the nation and its citizens on daily basis, there is still a high level of tolerance that keeps them adjusting to the situations on ground. Having been troubled and influenced in all fronts negatively, an average Nigerian has learned to live with half-baked truth, power play, marginalization, loss of honesty, moral integrity; lack of moral conscience by public officials, businessmen and even professionals; lack of restraint and discipline in private and public lives of the citizens; lack of genuine enthusiasm for spiritual goods and values; and in fact, lack of the moral sense of right and wrong in practical life such as business deals, contracts, etc, still Nigerians, I mean, true citizens are doing greater things to counter the negative.

Nevertheless, what is really very disturbing about Nigeria and Nigerians is the seeming conviction on the part of many that only crime and criminal ways pay, which suggests to the uninformed that those are the only ways by which someone, becomes important, rich, respected, easily powerful and crowd-puller. This is not the true state of the Nigeria of our dreams? I mean, a nation without moral scruples, plagued all about with various kinds of social ills? God forbid!

Though unfair competition, bribery, corruption, rising costs of living, brigandage, embezzlement, etc have made and are currently making recurrent themes in print and electronic media, yet I see Nigeria leaping out of the moral sickness and the eventual death. I see the veil of criminality lifted out of this country and catching fire - a sign of liberation. I see moral laxity, poverty, injustice, immoral cultural habits, crime, etc giving way to give rise to a New Nigeria.

However, in this task of societal moral reconstruction, it is very important that Nigerians should be Nigerians indeed, believe in Nigeria and act in order to give this country a moral face-lift. Let us play out loud, this indispensable role of being true to ourselves and what we stand for. NIGERIA shall truly be GREAT again!

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Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and publisher with the Fire-Brand Int"l Ministries, a media ministry that is based in Nigeria.

He is the editor of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine also published by the ministry. He pastors a Church in Bauchi and is married with two children.

You can reach him at: or 234 802 8181 829.


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Nigeria - Dealing With Issue of Morality

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This article was published on 2010/04/14
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